“Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille ”

About Floating Art.
« Life is a tide. Float on it ». 
Prem Rawat.

The work of French born Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille is inspired in the still life of 17th century Europe paintings.

Yet as a visual artist, she at times breaks away from the isolation of the academic background of her object art to look at things with that free spirit that life in Miami, Florida has bestowed upon her work.

Her floating art installations reveal the sense of fragility she perceives in all things moving and movement, after all, is none other than the heart of life itself.

These installations-paintings (also called Floating Horizontals) are shaped like waterlillies and they drift on the horizontality of the water, de- centering our attention from the obvious and creating temporary spaces where, very much like architecture,  art can exist and extend through space, place and non-place.
An experiment consciously naïve that enables space to speak for itself? Perhaps.

Whichever way we look at it, Benedict contributes to our interpretation of the non-space and its edges, something which in our current urban environment, is of the utmost importance.

She chose a waterlilly-like canvass as a metaphor for love and life; a flower that has been given through history, symbolic meanings in different cultures and eras. They grow in ponds, lakes and the edge of streams, much like the lotus flower, and catch our eye with their vibrant colors as they gently sway in the calm waters, carrying a message of peace.

Another part of Benedicte’s floating art is photographic.
She swims with her paintings and takes photos which are later
printed on aluminium by fusion. These limited editions of 8, sized 12’’x12’’ recreate the concept indoors and float her soothing message on our walls in style.



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