“Daniel Tomas ”

‘Memphis series’ es una muestra que expresa la armonía del color y la forma, y la justa vibración de los colores en cada obra. La muestra se basa en un diseño de piezas y movimientos de ajedrez en abstracto.

También se exhibe ‘Simple shapes’, y ambas series buscan expresar  la armonía, el balance, la vibración y el equilibrio entre la forma y el color

Daniel Tomas

For me, art is a language of joy and an expression of the soul. Painting, once it has touched your soul, never leaves you. With each painting, my essence is expressed on canvas and I go deeper within myself through my work. Over the years I have seen both my process of creating art and the resulting work evolve to express more of myself. As I search for balance, harmony, and equilibrium in life, so does my art express these qualities. I believe in creating something that shows truth and expresses the moment I am at. My work carries a strong expression of color and vibrancy, as well as balance and harmony. I like to create pieces that show elements within elements, separate pieces that are ultimately unified. What brings meaning to my work is when a finished piece is enjoyed by viewers and means something to them, even if the interpretation is different from what I intended or saw within the piece. Ultimately, I believe in capturing what I observe in nature, what I am continuously learning from life and how my mind processes it. Each painting tells a story, and I wait to hear that story before starting the next one. I am never attached to any rules or process but follow my inner guide in creating art. Art has to flow and express what the soul has to say. When I work, I use a variety of mixed media and materials on canvas and paper. There is nothing greater in life than to find joy in what you do and there’s nothing I love more than creating art.


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