"Buen Provecho" 2009

Ese pajarito moribundo y confundido
se estrello en una ventana y al piso callo tendido.

Desde mi coronilla le inyecte salud y aun mas vida
Desde mi lectura le di la tranquilidad que al menos ese dia, no seria comida.

Milcho was Born March 16, 1972 in Clichy, France from a Salvadorian Mother, Spanish father & a long line of one filmmaker in her family, (70's Salvadorian Cinematographer Baltazar Polio 1949-1989) causing no change in the planet's atmosphere, its politics nor in its ozone layer. As a matter a fact, only eventful for a handful of people.

She, I, me, has been a Director, Camera Operator, Framer, Lens Lover, Camera hand-held dominatrix & creative writer for the last two decades making her career approximately 140 years old in dog years.

She/I is a video artist who has on-going art shows and exhibits locally & Internationally all year long, a music video director who has been nominated for a VMA, a television director who has had her work nominated for EMMY’s & who is presently directing the “Imagen Award” winning reality series for MTV tr3s called "Quiero mis Quince” &"Quiero mi Boda” as well as a voting member of the Grammys.

She/I was the co-director for the 2003 "Miami Short Film Festival," while  appearining that same year on The Travel Channel as on-air talent for the dating reality game show "Get Packing" as well as doing numerous television appearances & interviews as a local personality for a variety of years but at the end of the day and the bottom line is that nothing will ever be more frantically life thrilling nor cause a real effect in her/my sleep, emotional state, appetite control, water retention, muscle contraction, blood circulation, spirit motivation & just her/my pure daily and uncontrollable happiness, as it is to simply Direct & Frame.

In 2005 she/I appeared in the Cover of the Miami New Times in a feature story called "Crown of thorns" where she/I spoke openly about picking and pulling her/my hair & living as a Trichottilomaniac since the age of 9. That topic alone is a whole different episode which if you call for an appointment She/I would gladly tell it over a double Machiatto, especially since she/I is now proudly sporting a freshly shaved head since 2009.

Milcho is still living, causing major problems in the planet"s atmosphere by taking in too much air, rioting quietly over the towing and parking system in Miami Beach while opening new gateways into the ozone layer by staring too long at the stars. But one thing remains the same, only eventful for a handful of people.


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