The passion and effervescent energy displayed by Poupee Tessio is organized in a chaotic manifestation of form, color and composition which the argentine artist calls “Graphic Games”. They constitute a series of inventive and expressive works that resonate with impact and feeling, and they pulsate with the visual dynamism of the argentine artist’s natural state which, much like energy itself, reveals something indefinable yet totally universal.

These collages of painted and plotted paper on canvas, like an embroidered narrative of the intrusive thoughts that map and haunt our minds, evoke the complexity of the world we live in where technology and science hurtle us forward. Tessio, nonetheless, lures the spectator into the web of her own perception, into that puzzling labyrinth of her lucid mind, where she challenges our creativity and invites us to venture into the realm of intuition where anything and everything are possible.

Tessio was born in Santa Fe, Argentina and currently lives in the city of Buenos Aires. She studied painting with masters like Leopoldo Torres Aguero, Raquel Forner and Juan Battle Planas. Her work has been exhibited in Rome, New York, Miami, San Diego, Chile and Uruguay whilst she has many pieces in important private national and international collections.


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